Course Curriculum

    1. Disclaimer

    2. Introduction to Sustainability, Green Buildings, and Green Communities

    3. Importance of Sustainability, Green Buildings, and Green Communities

    4. Traditional vs. Whole Building Design Approaches

    5. Understanding the Green Building Construction Phases

    6. Integrative Process in Sustainable Design

    7. LEED Charrettes

    8. Understanding the Triple Bottom Line

    9. Project Team Roles

    10. Green Building Concepts and Design Approaches Quiz

    1. What is LEED?

    2. Why LEED?

    3. Understanding LEED Certification Framework and Point Allocation

    4. History and Evolution of LEED

    5. Benefits of LEED Certification

    6. Industry Trends in LEED

    7. LEED Rating Systems: Types of Buildings

    8. Prerequisites and Credits

    9. Understanding the LEED Rating System Structure

    10. LEED Certification Process

    11. Phases of the Certification Process

    12. A LEED Work Plan

    13. Key Roles in LEED-Certified Projects

    14. LEED Project Phases

    15. Strategies for Achieving LEED Certification

    16. About the USGBC

    17. LEED Professional Credentials

    18. Introduction to LEED Quiz

    1. LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation

    2. Quick Overview of the LEED Green Associate Exam

    3. Exam Knowledge Domain and Question Distribution

    4. Registering for your Exam

    5. Study Tips and Materials

    6. Maintaining Your LEED Green Associate Credential

    7. Benefits of Earning Your LEED Credential

    8. Everyone can benefit from a LEED Credential

    9. Importance of the LEED Green Associate Credential for Sustainable Building Professionals in the Industry

    10. LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Quiz

    1. Introduction to Location and Transportation

    2. Site Selection

    3. Parking and Transportation Demand Management

    4. Encouraging Compact Development

    5. Credits (LEED v4 BD+C): Location and Transportation

    6. Key Terms

    7. Reference Guides

    8. Location and Transportation Quiz

    1. Introduction to Sustainable Sites

    2. Site Design and Development

    3. Site Assessment

    4. Preservation and Conservation of Intact Ecosystems

    5. Promoting Outdoor Connectivity and Environmental Benefits

    6. Rainwater Management

    7. Heat Island Reduction

    8. Exterior Lighting and Light Pollution Reduction

    9. Site Maintenance

    10. Prerequisites and Credits (LEED v4 BD+C): Sustainable Sites

    11. Key Terms

    12. Reference Guides

    13. Sustainable Sites Quiz

    1. Introduction to Water Efficiency

    2. Behind the Intent: Water Efficiency

    3. Key Definitions

    4. Outdoor Water Use Reduction

    5. LEED Requirements for Outdoor Water Use Reduction

    6. Efficient Irrigation Practices

    7. LEED Requirements for Indoor Water Use Reduction

    8. Water Metering: Tracking and Improving Water Consumption

    9. Optimizing Cooling Tower Water Management

    10. Prerequisites and Credits (LEED v4 BD+C): Water Efficiency

    11. Key Terms

    12. Reference Guides

    13. Water Efficiency Quiz

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